Is Harry Jowsey’s and Jessica Vestal Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Harry, who is originally from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and his ex-girlfriend Francesca Farago were among the 10 winners of Too Hot to Handle Season 1, which marked his reality TV debut in 2020. In 2023, he resumed his career in reality TV with Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars, where he and his partner, professional dancer Rylee Arnold, placed sixth. In 2024, he made his third appearance on reality TV when he dated Jessica Vestal, a former cast member of Love Is Blind Season 6, both are still together during The Perfect Match Season 2 .

Pictures of Jowsey and Vestal sharing a kiss that were purportedly taken in Tulum, Mexico in June 2023 were released in March by TMZ and PageSix. Fans began to wonder if they were dating as a result of this.

However, because “Perfect Match” season two was filmed in Tulum, these pictures might have been taken during the cast’s filming.

Harry Jowsey, a Netflix reality star, seems prepared to tie the knot with Jessica Vestal, a fan favorite cast member from “Love Is Blind,” following the premiere of “Perfect Match” season two. What transpired thereafter is unknown to us, but it doesn’t seem likely that they succeeded as a pair.

Season two follows celebrities from various shows, including “Love Is Blind,” “Squid Game: The Challenge,” and others, going on dates to discover their ideal match.

Harry Jowsey’s and Jessica Vestal Still Together


The show offers Netflix the chance to promote its lesser-known programs like “The Trust: A Game of Greed” and “Dated & Related” while giving extra screen time to fan-favorite reality contestants.

She admitted that she was drawn to a coworker from “Love Is Blind” season six on the “Viall Files” podcast.

Who’s Harry Jowsey’s girlfriend?   

Who is Harry dating right now, after three seasons of reality TV and a ton of dating rumors? Continue reading to find out what is known about Harry Jowsey’s current and former girlfriends as well as the dating rumors that have been circulating about him.

Jessica Vestal (2023 – 2024)

Harry got to know Jessica Vestal, a Love Is Blind Season 6 competitor, on the show The Perfect Match Season 2, which aired in 2023. The two went on dates. In a 2024 “Boyfriend Material” podcast episode, Harry seemed to confirm—though he didn’t identify her—that he and Jessica ended up together on The Perfect Match. (In June 2023, Harry and Jessica were also pictured together on a beach in Mexico.)

While competing on Dancing With the Stars Season 32, Harry disclosed on the podcast that he has a secret girlfriend, whom many assume to be Jessica. He also disclosed that part of the reason he and Jessica split up was because of reports he was seeing Rylee Arnold, a professional dancer, who was also his partner.

Harry said that he stayed true to his fiancée while competing on Dancing with the Stars, despite dating rumors to the contrary; unfortunately, the relationship failed. Harry also disclosed that he intended to pop the question to his girlfriend and attempted to reconcile with her while competing on Dancing With the Stars. He even placed an order for an engagement ring and purchased several pricey pieces of jewelry. I give her a call and tell her I adore her. In the hopes that it will please you, I’ll give you my bank and Instagram logins and unfollow every single woman I follow. I told you that you could read any text message you wanted to read since you are my lady and I want to marry you, my love,” he stated.

Vestal concerns Jowsey’s honesty after hearing disparaging remarks from other candidates, which leads to a confrontation between the two in episodes three and five. However, they are still together at the conclusion of episode six.

When his girlfriend was supposed to fly to Los Angeles so he could pop the question, but she never did, Harry knew the relationship was finished and blocked her on social media and on her phone. Fans speculate that a $15,000 Van Cleef bracelet that Harry gave Rylee in December 2023 during their stint on Dancing With the Stars was one of the pricey pieces of jewelry he intended to give to his fiancée.

What Started Harry’s Romance on Reality TV?

Love Is Blind” Season 6 alum Jessica Vestal was introduced to Harry in the 2023 filming of “The Perfect Match” Season 2. Their obvious connection resulted in a romance that would later spark interest and conjecture. Harry suggested their relationship on his show “Boyfriend Material” in 2024 and when they were spotted together on a beach in Mexico in June 2023, despite her initial silence about the woman.

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What’s Next for Harry Jowsey?

Even with his reality-TV past, Harry’s romantic relationship continues to captivate his audience. Whether he’s addressing relationship problems in public or talking about his background on his podcast For the great majority, his experiences serve as an inspiration. Through his life experience, we can see the difficulties of falling in love in public and the resulting personal development that comes with managing these relationships in public.

What Caused the Split Between Harry and Jessica?

Harry and Jessica’s marriage suffered as a result of public scrutiny and allegations of infidelity. Harry revealed his difficult attempts to win back Jessica’s trust. This involved disclosing his bank account logins and social media accounts, as well as planning his wedding with an expensive engagement ring and other ostentatious jewelry. However, the relationship soured and ultimately ended when Jessica was unable to take the scheduled trip to Los Angeles.

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