Are Sophie Sierra & Rob Warne’s Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Happily Ever After: Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne from 90 Day Fiancé? will not conclude happily in season 8. Sophie, a London native, and Rob, a Los Angeles native, connected on social media after she messaged him. Before pursuing the K-1 visa application procedure, Sophie took a plane to America and spent two months with Rob. Before they started filming 90DF season 10, Rob cheated on Sophie via a direct message. Later, Sophie discovered that Rob continued to get pornographic movies via Snapchat. Even after Sophie wed Rob in 2022, his actions remained the same. Rob was on the internet chatting to several women.

According to a source, Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra, the 90 Day Fiancé couple, will not be together in 2024.

Rob and Sophie separated less than a year after getting married, according to InTouch. Rob and Sophie have not officially filed for divorce, according to the individual who spoke with the publication. Since the “show is still going on,” Rob and Sophie have made the decision to file for divorce. Rob and Sophie haven’t been together since Sophie moved in with her friend Kay, according to the informant. Happily Ever After? season 8 is chronicling the subsequent events.

Are Sophie Sierra & Rob Warne’s Still Together?

Sophie & Rob’s 90 Day Fiancé Relationship Explained

According to the lawsuit, Sophie moved in with Kay in May 2023. But Sophie appears to have never gone back to live with Rob; instead, she moved in with Kay. On the program, Rob and Sophie have been making efforts to patch things up. Sophie explained that she had given Rob an opportunity to show her that he was faithful only because he had cheated on her online rather than with a real person. Rob’s phone location was available to Sophie, so she always knew where he was. Sophie did, however, vacate Rob’s Los Angeles flat following the Snapchat incident.

When Sophie got married to Rob, she found “disgusting videos”on his phone.

Sophie was persuaded by Rob’s faithfulness and his promise to never make the same error twice. Sophie intended to disprove her mother Claire, who had urged her not to marry “Rob the knob.” Rob proposed to Sophie, and the two of them relocated to Austin, Texas. As Sophie opted to check Rob’s social media and discovered that he was texting several women simultaneously, the arguments escalated and become more frequent. Even at the Happily Ever After? premiere, Sophie and Rob had already broken up. Her stay with Kay had lasted about two months.

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Surprisingly, Rob thought Sophie was cheating on him. Since Kay had never taken a fancy to him, he wondered if the bisexual Sophie was seeing someone else. Sophie later confessed that her true motivation for remaining with Rob was her desire for a secure home life. Sophie was raised by an addict mother, having grown up without a father. Rob was unable to provide Sophie the normalcy she so desperately desired. It should come as no surprise that Sophie chose, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, to end her relationship with Rob in order to pursue other opportunities.

Rob and Sophie are allegedly still friends

According to a source who spoke with InTouch, Rob and Sophie remain friends. This astonished me because, while they were together on the show, they didn’t even appear like friends, isn’t that right? It was a common observation made by fans that Rob had no affinity for Sophie’s character. He appeared irritated throughout the time he was with Sophie. Additionally, the two had arguments virtually every time they appeared on film.

Still, it appears that Rob and Sophie maintain contact. The insider said that since Sophie moved in with Kae in Austin, she and Rob had not been together. The informant claims that in May 2023, Sophie moved in with Kae. The two women have cohabitated ever since, the insider continued.

Are Sophie Sierra & Rob Warne’s Still Together? Here is Your Answer

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Should this be accurate, I would like to know more about the couple’s timeline on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. Season 8. Throughout the season, it appeared like Rob and Sophie were trying to mend their relationship while Sophie was living with Kae. To find out, we will need to continue observing. Stay tuned for more information about Rob’s possible new girlfriend as it becomes available.

Are Sophie Sierra & Rob Warne’s Still Together?

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