Are Chantel and Ashly Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Star of 90 Day Fiancé’s season ten Ashley Michelle was studying abroad in Ecuador ten years ago when she accidentally met her fiancé, Manuel Velez. The couple gave their romance another shot despite it failing the first time around, which brought them to the K-1 visa application procedure. Fans of TLC want to know if the couple, who rekindled their romance over seven years ago, is still together.

The self-described witch said, “I was literally in the woods, in the jungle, and I was like, working with the Earth somehow, and it prompted me to talk to my biology teacher,” in the October 9, 2023, premiere of season 10. “She says, ‘We’re heading to Ecuador in December.'” And I said, “Sign me up,” and I followed through. That first year, I got to know Manuel.

Ashley disclosed that they first connected on New Year’s Eve when the Ecuadorian asked her to a dance. The New York native said that despite being “inseparable” and getting engaged in less than a week, the couple was simply “caught up in the moment being young and in love.”

Unfortunately, the foreign pair tried a long-distance romance once she returned home and ended things quickly.

Only a week after Ashley ended a long-term romance, the season 10 couple reconciled after more than seven years apart. Everyone, in my opinion, can identify with this. She informed the filmmakers that even if you haven’t disclosed your breakup, your ex-partners tend to surface. “And suddenly, Manuel exclaimed, ‘Hola.”

Ashley said that Manuel was a little bit of a “f—k boy” in his twenties. In addition, the season 10 star identified as a “witch,” running a tarot, astrology, and shadow work business of her own.

During the October 15, 2023, episode, Manuel read the definition of the word “witch” and commented, “It’s a person whose attributes are magical powers obtained from the devil.” The native of Ecuador revealed to filmmakers in a private confessional that a witch seeks to bind and harm individuals. I find it really difficult to hear her say that. And I’m hurt by it. I’m a devout Catholic, so that really aches.”

What Other Obstacles Did 90 Day Fiance’s Ashley and Manuel Face?

During the show that aired on October 29, 2023, Ashley found out that Manuel had a large family in New York as they worked through the problem and “banged it out.”

Ashley chose to get Manuel a new phone because his old one had become unusable since coming to the US. His mother finally provided them Ashley’s phone number, even though at first he insisted on calling his family on his own phone.

Chantel and Ashly Still Together

Ashley said to the filmmakers, “So they’ve been blowing up my phone to talk to him,” divulging that they had made more than nine calls. “Why are you phoning so frequently? When he was over in Ecuador, I had no idea who any of you were. You’re blowing him up now?

Ashley was relieved that he had close family to support him, but she also wanted Manuel to make sure he was present for their relationship. Ashley underlined in a different scene that “they are secondary.” “This man is not here on a visa, I assure you. He may not have any intention of returning to Ecuador if our relationship doesn’t work out and we don’t get married, but I really feel that he loves me.

Ashley and Manuel sought “clarity on their relationship” from a therapist among their problems. The New York native believed that because she had never met his two teenage children, Manuel was “living a double life.”

“Now, his boys don’t even know who I am—I’m just this lady. Ashley told the medical expert, “All they know is that I took their dad away,” in the episode that aired on November 19, 2023. “You know, like it’s placing me in the sexiest place ever?”

The language barrier would be challenging, Manuel thought, and Ashley would “lose her patience” attempting to understand his children. Ashley can be really intense at times. He confided in producers in a private setting, “She lights up quickly.” Even though my kids are only 12 and 14 years old, I still have a responsibility to ensure their safety. But I’m hoping for a shift in everything.

Ashley also asked Manuel during the counseling session why, given his lack of income, he was required to send $250 home to Ecuador.

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She said to the cameras, “I am being forced to do this because you cannot work.” When were you going to talk to me about the promises you made to other people in my name? Manuel refused to get in the car with Ashley and chose to walk home after the session finished in a furious quarrel.

Their financial problems didn’t end there. Manuel believed their intended Florida wedding would be too costly, therefore he and Ashley had different opinions about it.

Ashley’s mother Stacey questioned her whether she thought Manuel would take excellent care of her after they were married while they were shopping for wedding gowns. Ashley’s mother said, “I think the jury’s still out,” in response to a question about Ashley’s belief that he would.

Through the translation software on her phone, she warned him, “You get upset, mad, don’t run away.” Ashley is scared by that.

Manuel answered curtly, “That’s just how it works for me.”

Manuel went on, “I prefer to shut up and go outside and relax when I get angry and she doesn’t understand me.” Manuel responded “yes” when asked whether he was “sure” he wanted to get married, but Ashley’s “attitude” gets in the way.

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