Are Aspyn and Parker Still Together ? Here is Your Answer

On April 1, Ovard announced the birth of her and Ferris’ third child and filed for divorce.

According to recent court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Aspyn Ovard and her husband Parker Ferris put a halt to their divorce proceedings in order to concentrate on reaching a settlement.

A Salt Lake County district court judge decided to put the lawsuit on hold “pending the outcome of settlement negotiations,” according to newly released court documents dated April 17.

PEOPLE’s request for comment was not immediately answered by the attorneys for Ovard and Ferris.

Ovard, 28, amassed a fan base on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube by documenting her life with Ferris and their two kids. On April 1, Ovard filed for divorce and shared on social media the news of their third child’s birth.

Ovard has continued to post on social media while not making any public comments about the divorce. She released a new video on Monday, April 22, featuring her, Ferris, and their kids out on a “family date” at Swig, a soda shop.

Ferris is seen capturing footage at a house in a TikTok video that Ovard posted on Tuesday, April 23. Ovard wrote, “Coming out of retirement to film his morning routine today.” There was a hint of new content from Parker Ferris in the video’s caption.

In October of 2015, Ovard and Ferris, who were 19 and 20, respectively, got married. Although they attended the same elementary school, they admitted to viewers in a 2017 video that their relationship did not develop until high school.

“My spouse exists! She is married! Regarding their wedding, Ferris stated in a video. “I’m sure it will sink in a little later once we move in together and lead regular married lives.”

Their daughters, Cove, 4, ½, and Lola, 2, ½, are their offspring. In October 2023, Ovard revealed she was expecting their third child.

Are Aspyn and Parker Still Together?

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The parents gave very little information, including the newborn girl’s birthdate, regarding their third kid. Ovard, on the other hand, claims the child was born at 34 weeks and talked candidly about her hospital stays in a number of TikTok videos.

In a TikTok she uploaded on April 2, Ovard said, “So I just had a baby.” The video was shot from her hospital bed. She’s so early that I feel like I’m in shock. Simply put, my brain is unable to comprehend what is going on.

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