Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Taylor and Travis are both in. The couple is enjoying their time together and is really into each other, but they are also making plans for the future, an insider informed the site.

When the singer attended a Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s home game at Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri in September 2023, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce made their relationship official. Months after visiting one of Swift’s concerts, Kelce made her first public declaration of interest in the singer.

What are Kelce’s top three Taylor Swift songs? the interviewer asks him in a TikTok video snippet from an Access Hollywood interview. The football player says, “Golly,” without pausing. “‘Alchemy,’ ‘Blank Space,’ and ‘So High School,'” she said, and grinned broadly. The pop artist is widely thought to have composed the final two songs Kelce described regarding him and their romance for her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, as fans of Swifties are aware. That they would rank among his top three makes sense.

As the pair boards a private boat ride on Lake Como, they are seen holding hands. Swift dons a black dress by Alaïa, one of her go-to designers, and accessorizes it with black Versace Gianni Ribbon Open Patent Ballerina flats. A Medusa ’95 tiny tote bag from the brand’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection is also worn by the singer.

She curls up next to Kelce in her traditional tan trench coat, and he completes her look with a black shoe, black leggings, and checkerboard sweater. Swift and Kelce, who are having a romantic dinner date under the stars at the opulent Villa Sola Cabiati in Lake Como, Italy’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo, are glowing with affection.

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While Kelce opts for a more laid-back look with a white long sleeve shirt and black leggings, Swift, who is taking a break from the European leg of the Eras Tour, looks stunning in a blue dress with puffy sleeves and an elegant updo. Across the table from each other, the two drink wine, talk, and hold hands.

Swift’s fourth and final Eras Tour stop in Paris is attended by Kelce, who is seated in the audience to encourage her. The NFL tight end is shown in a fan-captured video dancing to the song “So High School,” which was apparently inspired by him. Additionally, Swift gives Kelce in the audience a kiss while the song is playing.

Dancer taylor-swift

Swift also wears many outfits that feature the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs, including a spectacular two-piece that consists of a golden ombré corset top and a fiery red miniskirt, suggesting that she was ready for her beau to be there.

Swift mentions that the Eras Tour is at its 87th show at one point, and that number 87 also happens to be Kelce’s jersey number. Just a coincidence? We believe not.

April 27, 2024: Taylor Swift attends charity gala with Travis Kelce in Las Vegas

When Swift and Kelce attended the 15 and the Mahomies Vegas Golf Classic gala in Las Vegas on April 27, they demonstrated their support for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Swift and Kelce strolled across the arena hand in hand in a video that was posted on X. Kelce sported a blue suit with a white shirt and no tie, while the singer chose a glittery green gown.

A witness posted a video of the event on Instagram, showing Kelce on the stage beside auctioneer Harry Santa-Olalla to reveal his own surprise for the night.

“My significant other and I were just conversing, and we might have one more auction item that wasn’t on the schedule. Is anyone familiar with the “Eras Tour”? Kelce addressed the assembly. “There may be an exciting event where four tickets are available for the ‘Eras Tour’ dates in New Orleans, Miami, or Indianapolis when it returns to the United States. Does that excite anyone at this moment?

Later on Instagram, Santa-Olalla posted a selfie she had taken with Swift during the event, writing, “It’s not every night @taylorswift is in your audience.”

June 1, 2024: Jason Sudeikis asks Travis Kelce when he was “going to make an honest woman” out of Taylor Swift

During the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend in Kansas City, Kelce appeared on stage with Jason Sudeikis for a comedic sketch that took a turn for the personal.

When the new Chiefs stadium was brought up in the sketch, actor Robert Smigel suggested that Kelce ask Swift to “foot the bill.” However, the NFL player shot that suggestion down and said, “That ain’t happening.”

When Sudeikis asked when Kelce was “going to make an honest woman out of” Swift, the actor received a smile and a laugh from Kelce but no response.

Sudeikis continued, “Taylor doesn’t need to be working anymore.” In November 2023, Sudeikis discussed Swift and Kelce’s romance with The Hollywood Reporter.

June 2, 2024: Taylor Swift laughs as she sings an old lyric about “dating the boy on the football team.”

Swift played “Fifteen,” a song from her 2008 album “Fearless,” during her surprise song performance on June 2 in Lyon, France. The audience laughed along with Swift during the performance. As the audience realized that Swift’s lyrics were still relevant more than ten years later, she smiled broadly at one particular line: “In your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team.”

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