Are Mckayla and Caelan Still Together? Here is Your Answer

McKayla and Caelan broke up after Gracelynn’s birth, but she moved on with someone new.  McKayla Adkins, 16, and her partner Caelan Morrison, who was expecting their first child together, were initially introduced to us in 2017. The families of McKayla and Caelan were at odds, but the pair worked hard to maintain their bond and eventually welcomed a second child two years later.

Following their departure from the TLC reality show, McKayla and Caelan made appearances on the first three seasons of Unexpected. Fans are curious about what the teen mom is up to these days. McKayla Adkins, star of Unexpected, where are you now?

California’s Los Angeles: The popular reality TV couple McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison, who met on the show “Unexpected,” began dating at the age of 14, and while still in their teens, they became parents to two children. Their relationship was fraught with difficulties despite their plans to get married, mostly as a result of mental and financial strain.

Who Is McKayla Adkins From ‘Unexpected’?

McKayla became known as a YouTube vlogger in 2015. As seen on Unexpected season 1, she and Caelan welcomed their first child, a boy named Timothy, in 2017.The ex-couple moved in together with the intention of getting married, but they were unable to keep their romance going and ended it.

Gracelynn, McKayla and Caelan’s second child, was born in March 2019 as a result of their intermittent relationship, as revealed in Unexpected season 2. After three seasons, they finally made the decision to end their relationship, despite their repeated efforts to make it work.

McKayla Adkins, star of “Unexpected,” where are you now?

McKayla Adkins and Caelan were at enmity when we last saw them in Season 3 of Unexpected, and their relationship didn’t get any better after they departed the program. Despite their brief attempts to get back together, McKayla posted a video on YouTube titled “We broke up” in February 2020. My version of events. She seemed to have entirely moved on from Caelan as of right now.

Ethan, McKayla’s boyfriend, proposed to her shortly after their one-year anniversary in April, and according to McKayla’s Instagram, the two are now engaged. McKayla expressed her gratitude to her partner on Instagram for his understanding and tolerance during their brief but deep relationship.

She captioned the photo, saying, “Happy sweetest day! Thank you for coming across the country with me and making this the third best experience of my life.” I appreciate you being my best friend and for your unwavering love and support of me. I am grateful for your patience and concern for my children. Simply put, I’m grateful. I adore you greatly.

mckayla and caelan still together

It seems like McKayla and her children’s father are still not entirely on the same page in the interim. Caelan uploaded a TikTok in January that included their sons, and McKayla was not pleased with it. The mother, who is now 20 years old, had previously stated that she didn’t want her children to use social media, but Caelan flagrantly disregarded this directive.

On social media, McKayla said, “I love how people think he should have custody of the kids because he can post a 15-second TikTok and it’s one of the very few times he has actually spent time with his kids.” This planet is crazy.

One day, maybe, Caelan and McKayla may agree on something about their kids, but for now, McKayla is concentrating on starting a new life for her boys and her new fiancé, even though not everyone is on board with her choice of employment.

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McKayla currently promotes her Only Fans page on Instagram.

McKayla debuted her OnlyFans account following her departure from TLC’s Unexpected, and it has since generated a lot of conflicting reactions on social media. Some followers applauded McKayla’s confidence, while others chastised her for choosing to work in the sex industry.

“Some of you women in the comments are SO pressed about pulling another woman down for what?” an admirer commented.

How many kids do McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison have together?

The couple from the reality TV series “Unexpected,” McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison, are parents to two kids together. While they were still in their teens, McKayla gave birth to their son, Timothy James, marking their first parental experience. Their second child, a daughter called Gracelynn Ann, was born not long after.

There have been several breakups and efforts at reconciliation throughout their turbulent partnership. Although they had originally intended to tie the knot, the stress of becoming first-time parents and other problems ultimately caused their engagement to cease. After McKayla and Caelan separated, they fought in court for custody of their kids; in the end, Caelan was given weekend visitation rights.

Caelan Morrison left McKayla Adkins to date Allycia Flowers

Caelan Morrison started dating Allycia Flowers following their turbulent union and final breakup. Following multiple attempts to make amends with McKayla Adkins, his ex-partner and mother of Timothy James and Gracelynn Ann, this development occurred.

With Allycia Flowers, Caelan found stability and happiness following their breakup. After dating for more than two years, Caelan appears happy and committed to starting a new chapter in his life with her. After the heavy drama and court fights with McKayla, Caelan saw this connection with Allycia as a fresh start. Although Caelan’s relationship with Allycia is now stable, his relationship with McKayla is still tense and mostly revolves around sharing parental responsibilities for their two children.

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