Are Joey and Kariselle Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Distance concerns led Joey and Kariselle to call off their engagement. Kariselle is competing in pageants, while Joey has moved on to a new girlfriend. Even though Joey and Kariselle’s love relationship ended, they are still friends.

Netflix released Perfect Match at the beginning of 2023 after determining that there weren’t enough reality dating series. We have just Love is Blind in every fucking language known to man (I’m brushing up on my Swedish, hehe), and people are using The Circle as a hookup app. However, they created a whole trainwreck and I’m here for the full journey, rather than giving attractive singles an opportunity to find love.

It was all delicious—the drama, the scandals, the trauma bonding. The important component is that these individuals all have extra ego because they are already somewhat well-known from previous shows. Moreover, a large number of them were already acquainted via Raya, Netflix parties, or other events. It resembled the lesbian dating community’s incestuousness. We had seen more than a dozen pairs by the end of the evening, but who had lasted the distance? Which pairs from Perfect Match have remained together?

Naturally, I’ll be watching season 2 as soon as it’s out.  Let’s begin with our improbable victors! Even they didn’t think they would win, and I’m still not sure how they did it. And how was the competition for this show? Make sense of it.

In case you have been living under a rock, or in a place where TikTok has already been outlawed, these two have become extremely popular. Like a car crash, everyone slowed down to observe it. Dom used the Tok to clarify how he and Georgia were together when she appeared on Harry Jowsey’s podcast and how they allegedly shared a bed afterwards. The title of the podcast episode was “Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassaratti fall in love.” They have a number of similarities, including Too Hot to Handle, Australian passports, and… abs? In a subsequent Snapchat Q&A, Harry revealed that the relationship had ended. Are grownups still using Snapchat?

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Later, in an attempt to correct the record, Georgia spoke with Sofia Franklyn on her podcast, Sofia with an F. She insisted that Harry was merely attempting to create controversy and acquire social influence and that they hadn’t slept together that night. Having ended her informal connection with Dom, she stated she got involved with Harry, but the relationship was toxic. Harry reportedly insisted that she email him pictures every day to show that she wasn’t cheating when they were at Coachella. Yikes.

Are Joey and Kariselle Still Together? Here is Your Answer

When it comes to Dom, Georgia has nothing but positive things to say about him. According to reports, he would be excited to return for season two and start dating someone from Selling Tampa or Cheer—you know, college cheerleaders? Please have someone call Dom’s publicist.

Although Dom and Georgia were the winners of the show, another unfortunate couple also got engaged. Joey ultimately got down on one knee and proposed to Kariselle, indicating that he was perplexed by the sheer number of Love is Blind competitors. Did this surprise you? Not really, because they had been paired off from the start and had reportedly made the bed rock before the show. The shocking thing is that they believed it would last—I doubt anyone else did.

Joey and Kariselle are sorry to say that things didn’t work out. Kariselle questioned which of them was the Robert Pattinson of it all after hearing Joey refer to them as “Batman and Robin.” Why he didn’t simply refer to them as Batman and Catwoman is the true query. All women aspire to be like Catwoman! The romance and engagement have ended.

While Joey feels certain that this is it, Kariselle appears amenable to a potential reconciliation. He clarified, “We love very hard, so the highs are high and the lows can be very low.” “At this point, all we really know is that we really want to try to work on our friendship, even though we probably work better apart.”

Since its Valentine’s Day release, Perfect Match, the newest dating reality series on Netflix, has kept us riveted to our screens. The one thing we still need to know, though, is if Joey and Kariselle are still together with *that* intense ending.

We anticipated turmoil because previous participants had appeared on shows like Too Hot to Handle, The Ultimatum, and Love Is Blind. But because they dated before going on the show, we’re especially interested in one particular Perfect Match couple: Joey Sasso from The Circle and Kariselle Snow from Sexy Beasts and MTV’s Are You The One?

We can only speculate as to how many of the couples on Perfect Match are still together now, given that the show was first shot almost a year before it was broadcast on television. More significantly, are Joey and Kariselle real people?

Are Joey and Kariselle from Perfect Match still together?

They entered the Perfect Match villa as singletons, despite the fact that they had previously dated—Kariselle had posted on Joey’s Instagram back in 2021.

Kariselle DM’d Joey in 2020 after watching him on The Circle, as was disclosed in the first episode. He wasn’t ready for a relationship at the moment, according to Joey, so she traveled to Los Angeles to meet up with him.  Joey and Kariselle broke up for a while, but they subsequently got back in touch. Kariselle said that Joey couldn’t handle the “commitment thing,” and the two eventually broke up.

Sadly, Joey has confessed that she and Kariselle have split up, so it doesn’t appear that their wedding is in the cards!  Joey acknowledged in an interview with People that he still loves Kariselle, but that their romance wasn’t meant to be.

The point is, when you’re abroad, you’re working on your relationship and your future while you’re in this gorgeous, incredibly lovely village. And things might occasionally get really tough when you return to reality.

“They can be really challenging. Regarding the issues that arose, we prefer to keep them confidential between us,” he informed the newspaper.  Joey continued, “She is someone I will always love, always have respect for, and I know we both speak very highly of each other.”  Though we’re very sorry for Joey and Kariselle that things didn’t work out, let’s hope they’re both doing well!

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