Are Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Yes, the pair are still very happily together! At the start of 2024, while being pressed by TMZ paparazzo in LA, Tom set the record straight saying “No, absolutely not,” to the breakup rumours.

After years of intermittent reports that they were dating, co-stars of Spider-Man: No Way Home Zendaya and Tom Holland have now officially declared their love for one another. They first met on set in 2o16, but have been in the franchise since 2017 as love interests Peter Parker and Michael Jackson. While their closeness is evident, the speculations gained more credence when the paparazzi spotted them kissing at a traffic light in July 2021.

Although the pair continues to live very quietly, these are the significant events in their relationship’s history thus far.

According to the source, “they started dating while they were filming Spider-Man.” “They’ve gone on vacations together and try to spend as much time as possible with each other, but they’ve been extremely careful to keep it private and out of the public eye.”

“They’re both really ambitious and they challenge each other—but, most importantly, they make each other crack up,” a second insider said. They enjoy making jokes together and seem to have quite similar senses of humor. They exchange quite funny jokes with one other.

“We are like the best of friends,” Holland exclaimed to People about his friendship with Zendaya prior to the June premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming. She is incredible and wonderful. I’m a little anxious about handling celebrity, but Zendaya is incredibly well-known and has experienced this, so I just phone her and ask, “How do I manage being famous?” I’m very happy to have her as a friend.

In response to the aforementioned dating claims, the couple tweeted back and forth regarding the notion that they had vacationed together. “Hold on, my favorite part is when it says, HA! We go on vacation together!” It has been years since I had a vacation! hbu? Holland received a letter from Zenday.

Tom Holland and Zendaya Still Together

Zendaya and Holland celebrated Zendaya’s 26th birthday in Manhattan at the MAMO Italian restaurant at the beginning of September. Wearing low-waisted denim jeans and a black crop top with long sleeves and a V-neck that was secured with a few buttons in front, the actress exuded a carefree yet stylish style. Zendaya added some glitz to the ensemble with a necklace, diamond earrings, and suede heels.

Holland wore dark teal slacks, white sneakers, and a blue checkered button-down shirt when he arrived to the restaurant. Several of Zendaya’s co-stars, including her castmate Hunter Schafer from Euphoria, joined them. Claire Stoermer, Zendaya’s mother, was also present.

April of 2024 In her Vogue interview, Zendaya touched on the subject of Holland briefly. When Spider-Man: Homecoming was released in 2017, she gave Holland credit for how he handled his sudden celebrity. “Even though we were both very young, his career changed overnight and my career was already kind of going,” the woman remarked. “One moment you’re a young child hanging out at the bar with your pals, and the next you’re Spider-Man.” I did see a transformation in his life happening right before his eyes. However, he did a really good job handling it.

She also mentioned Holland’s recent engagement in a Romeo and Juliet play in London, saying, “[I] could not be more proud.” I am going to make an effort to attend as many shows as I can.

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Though Zendaya doesn’t divulge much personal information to Holland, she did talk about a date they went on in October 2022 when they planned to visit the Louvre in Paris. It’s already crowded,” they were informed. Even though I knew it might get worse, I went.

Despite their fans’ attention, Zendaya added, “It was actually fine.” You simply grow accustomed to the idea that, hey, you’re going to be taking pictures of me too. I just have to live my life and be completely at ease with it. They were also permitted to remain after closing. It was among the most awesome things I have ever done. She remembered it being like “Night at the Museum.”

People was informed on April 25 by a source that Holland and Zendaya had a very serious private connection. The insider stated, “Marriage has been discussed, and that is a reality.” They said, “Work is important to both and that keeps them busy now,” indicating that their careers are currently their first focus.

Holland posted the teaser for Challengers on Instagram Stories to commemorate the film’s opening weekend, adding, “CHALLENGERS IS OUT NOW! LET’S HAVE FUN! and mentioning his partner.

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