Are Stacia and Nate Still Together? Here is Your Answer

Nobody ever claimed that dating a complete stranger from reality TV was simple. Stacia and Nate, two Season 15 cast members of Married at First Sight, have experienced their fair share of highs and lows leading up to and including Decision Day.

Is Stacia and Nate still dating after MAFS? In November 2022, Distractify had a previous conversation with Stacia to find out her status with Nate and whether or not her journey was worthwhile.

Season 15 begins for Stacia and Nate on a somewhat upbeat note. Of all the couples this season, they may have the best chemistry while they are on their honeymoon. However, they encounter several difficulties.

Are Stacia and Nate from ‘MAFS’ still together?

We inquired on Stacia’s and Nate’s status in November 2022. She revealed at the time that they were still wed.

“At the moment, Stacia shared that they were still working through the situation and trying to come to a consensus.” There’s still a lot of affection, but it feels like we’re still getting to know one another. We’re still attempting to resolve the issue. Matrimony is not a simple affair. As you will see [on the show], we are both really stubborn, but we will figure things out.”

But things have changed since that interview. During the launch special of Married at First Sight Season 16 on December 29, Stacia informed presenter Kevin Frazier that Nate was “no longer around” and that they were officially divorced.

During the program, Stacia said, “Everything that he agreed to do on the show were all words.” “Nothing was done. I gave it some time. I held off. I had patience. I chose to live with him so that I could give him more time to realize that I was serious.”

Nevertheless, she said, even though their marriage didn’t work out, she will always adore Nate.

Stacia and Nate still have struggles in the Season 15 “where are they now?” Special.

Despite the fact that Nate and Stacia conclude their MAFS season together, they discussed fresh concerns in the “where are they now?” special that broadcast the week following the reunion.

Nate and Stacia disclosed in the program that their lack of communication caused them to live apart.

That particular episode even had Stacia considering divorcing her husband, even though they had agreed on Decision Day. Ultimately, they made the decision to put a lot of effort into their marriage and go forward.

Stacia and Nate Still Together

We now know that Stacia and Distractify chose to end their marriage for the benefit of both of them shortly after she gave a favorable report about it to Distractify.

Nate and Stacia had a hard time moving in together.

There are unquestionably difficulties that the couples on Married at First Sight encounter no matter what, particularly when they move in together after getting married. Stacia and Nate found that problematic as they continued to live in different houses, as they disclosed in the “where are they now?” special.

Stacia acknowledged that “it’s not ironed out” just yet, but they were both willing to work through it as a work in progress when we questioned her about it.

Nate and Stacia were married, but they continued to live in two different houses at different times so Nate could gradually adjust to married life.

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Distractify was told by Stacia, “I still don’t want to, like, push him into anything that he doesn’t want to do.” I told myself, ‘I’m fine with wherever we reside.'” That’s okay because we’re going to have numerous houses anyhow. I’m content as long as we spend every day together.”

Despite giving Nate the time and distance he required, Stacia’s actions were obviously insufficient for the couple in the end. They are currently another Season 15 pair that called it quits.

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