Are Molly and Zach Still Together? Here is Your Answer

After splitting in March, Love Island celebrities Molly Marsh and Zachariah Noble have hinted at a reunion on Instagram.

After finishing in fourth place overall on the 2023 season of Love Island, Molly and Zach got to know each other and continued dating after the program concluded. Although they had declared their friendly breakup earlier in the year, there were rumors in early May that they were rekindling their affair.

Molly has now shared pictures and videos from her trip to Sydney with Zach on her Instagram Stories, including a picture of the two of them standing in front of the Opera House.

In response to rumors that Molly and Zach had resumed their romance earlier this month, a representative clarified that they weren’t labeling their relationship and that they intended to travel to Australia together instead.

Molly and Zach Still Together

“Molly and Zachariah have always remained friends, even when they both decided to break from their relationship almost two months ago,” they reported.

“The pair has always been there for one another and shared interests, such as traveling and seeing the world.

“They are eager to spend the next few weeks traveling over Australia together, but they are not currently labeling or placing pressure on their relationship. They’re both really content and relish each other’s company.”

The couple, who appeared committed to staying in one other’s lives, announced their separation in March. They did it amicably.

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“They both wish each other nothing but the best,” a spokesman said in a statement at the time, confirming the end of their relationship to Digital Spy.

“They have both said, ‘Relationships don’t need to always end sour, and sometimes parting as friends with the best memories is the best thing for everybody’.”

However, it has now been confirmed in a statement sent to The Sun that they are trying again, following a few weeks of rumors. Molly and Zach’s representative stated that they are not yet placing “labels” on their relationship, preferring to return to one other’s company and gauge how things work out.

Even after deciding to end their relationship about two months ago, Molly and Zachariah have remained friends, the representative stated. “The couple has always been there for each other and shared interests, such as traveling and seeing the world.”

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